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Every year The Manly Oracle Show sponsors several UCF Intramural Sports Franchises. Unfortunately, due to various substance abuses and problems with the law, many of our players and coaches cannot perform the duties of a winning team. In addition to this, UCF's IM Sports Director, the evil Jim Wilkening (a.k.a. "Mr. No No Farty Pants") is always on the lookout for our teams and tries to shut them down whenever he can.



All games (unless otherwise noted) are played at the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center located on the south side of the UCF campus. If you are a UCF student or faculty member come out and support your teams by cheering in the stands! If you are not a UCF student or faculty member email us for details on how to be a part of the crowd. Check out the "TEAMS" pages for the latest info as well as game time and dates!


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