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Here are some photos of crazy stuff that goes on at The Manly Oracle!


Stevel Knievel | Spaceship | Valentine's Day | Misc. | Andrew WK | Field trips!
Stevel Knievel
  Click here for pictures!  
This gallery is filled with Stevel Knievel's crazy stunts, including the infamous "Bathroom Maître d'", the invader from Planet Choad, and human bowling.
  Click here for pictures!  
These are photos of Stevel, Evan, and the rest of the gang building the Manly Oracle Spaceship from such high-tech materials as cardboard, duct tape, and silver spray paint.
Valentine's Day
  Click here for pictures!  
We somehow managed to wedge Special Miek into an awful Cupid costume, and then let him loose outside the Student Union!
  Click here for pictures!  
Here are some photos from random stuff we've done. Check 'em out!
Andrew WK
  Caricature by Brian Goff  
These are some photos we took with Andrew WK, and a caricature by Brian Goff
Manly Field Trips
  Glock, glock!  
Follow the Manly Oracle on their wacky forays outside!

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