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Tom & Evan Miss...

Bedtime Stories
Remember all of those lovely stories your parents told you as a kid? Well, so does the Manly Oracle, but with a twist! You probably shouldn't let little kids hear these...
Goldilocks Daddy Drinks

Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell was on our show! Bruce Campbell was on our show! Bruce Campbell was on our show!
Interview Interview (.ogg)

Here are some funny clips of stuff we've used on the show
Will Ferell: Harry Carey Will Ferell: "Slacks" Will Ferell: Neil Diamond

The Manly Oracle has a lot of sponsors, although some of them are pretty weird. Check out their ads!
Band-Aids The Judo Monkeys Lies #1
Lies #2 Lies #3 Michael Bolton's greatest hits
Muncher Sisters Oxyclean Enema Ball Trojan condoms

These celebrities like The Manly Oracle, and so should you!
Bruce Campbell BC as Elvis Gene Ray

This crap doesn't fall into any other category. It's orphan material, just like special Miek.
Behind the Music: SCB Interview with Gene Ray Our entire Thanksgiving show

Some short bits we've done on the show
North Korean press conference A world without Tom

Special Miek
Our intern, Special Miek, had a lot of jobs before the Manly Oracle.
A porno fluffer Satan's Candy Boner

The Amazing Mega Awesome Squad
T.A.M.A.S. is a group of super heroes...well, at least, above-average heroes. Learn about their crazy exploits!

Tom and Evan Miss...
Tom and Evan found a magic time machine, and then traveled through the fourth dimension. Check out all the trouble they caused!
Francis Scott Key JFK's assassination God

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