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Welcome to the home of The Manly Oracle Show, the single greatest radio program in the history of broadcasting and the best thing to hit the internet since porn! The Manly Oracle Show is an internet radio comedy show filled with crazy sketches, manly reviews, wacky tidbits, and loads of beer commercial fun. So tune in every Thursday night from 10pm to Midnight ET on www.knightcast.org, the student-run radio station at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.



December 4, 2003

Well, loyal fans, I've got good news and bad news. The bad news is that The Manly Oracle Show has finally come to an end. The good news is that we're going out with a bang! Thursday, December 4 we're starting our broadcast at 8:30pm EST (yes, 1:30 early!) and bringing you three and a half hours of the best Manly Oracle Show ever! Tell your friends and log on at 8:30 cause we're tryin to set a new Knightcast record!

Not only are we playing the best classic stuff, we're also bringing you awesome new stuff, and great interviews! We're bringing back George Lowe (Space Ghost) and Andy Merrill (Brak)! Email us your questions for these guys now!

Also, we're bringing back some of the old co-hosts of the show including Rick (The Big Dumb Animal), JB, and Tony the Hitman! Among the three and a half hour action-packed block of comedy, we're gunna reminisce a bit. Awwwww.

Since the show is off the air after December 4, 2003, you probably won't see many updates for a while, but don't forget about us cause we will be back in some way, shape, or form... all good things are (ya know, like how you can taste beer in your mouth the next day). We're leaving our archive of sound clips up for you to enjoy (and we'll probably update them) and we're gunna try and actually finish this site so come back soon!

If you have any comments or requests, just send an email to us at manlyoracle@hotmail.com. Also, make sure to join the mailing list and be updated on the latest show and site news!







  Thursday, December 4, 2003







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